Would you Eat Like A Caveman? Going Paleo

The Paleo Diet is based on eating the way caveman did before the days of agriculture. While I had no interest in living like a caveman, the idea of eating a simple diet very similar to what my grandparents ate, completely intrigued me!



My Motivation

I decided to try the Paleo diet after my running group committed to a 21 day eating challenge. Even though I ate fairly healthy, I was up to exploring a new way to diet. I was also curious to see if eliminating grains and dairy from my diet would reduce the bloating I felt after every meal.

Paleo Approved Foods: 

Grass-fed beef, Fish/seafood, Fresh fruits and veggies (i.e Avocados), Eggs, Nuts and seeds, Healthful oils (i.e Olive, walnut, flax seed etc.),

Paleo No-Good: 

Cereal, dairy, refined sugar, peanuts, processed sugar, grains

My West African Paleo 

As a contemporary African mom, I tried to incorporate traditional West African recipes into my Paleo diet for my family. Using the Whole30 program as a guide, I realized that I could combine staple West African foods like Wild Yams, Plantains and Sweet Potatoes to my new diet. I especially love wild yams for the added benefits of some levels of estrogen that promote a healthy feminine body.


What I Loved About Going Paleo…
Going Paleo certainly helped me simplify my eating. Eliminating grains and dairy reduced bloating and as an added benefit I lost about 3lbs. Beyond the obvious benefits, I found that modifying my eating habits for a short period of time helped me to eliminate certain foods for the long term. I used to smother my salads in creamy dressing, now lemon juice and vinegar work perfectly for me. This program also encouraged me to use coconut water in my smoothies instead of almond and coconut milk. Coconut water has no additives and superior dietary benefits when compared with others. So even though I will never really eat like a caveman, I have certainly enjoyed the benefits of a more becoming more aware of my food choices.-Funalyo Alabi, CEO Shea Radiance