Around The World In 30 Days (well it felt that way)


We recently embarked on a journey that began in sunny Anaheim California at Natural Products Expo West. In the midst of palm trees and smoothies, we talked to hundreds of natural retail store buyers to get Shea Radiance on your local shelf!


Less than a week later, we were off to the beautiful city of Accra in Ghana to attend the 2016 Global Shea Conference, to discuss recent developments in our initiatives to improve the lives of Women Shea Producers.


You might ask, how does the Shea Radiance team keep their beauty products fresh and protected in tropical climates on two different continents?

Check out our top 3 beauty packing tips for getting around the world in 30 days, 100% sun proof!


1. Use darkened travel size containers (Think sunglasses for your moisturizer)

Heat from the sun melts your favorite moisturizers and creams, compromising the ingredients that work together to rejuvenate your skin. Protect your skin routine by avoiding clear travel size containers and use darkened or solid containers instead.


2. Think Doubles

Pack makeup products with double options for use, like Elf Cosmetic’s Day To Night Lipstick Duo ($6).


3. Travel Light

We can’t forget our 7-piece Mini Luxe Set, for your daily moisturizing needs. Complete with our Black Soap Body Wash, Antioxidant Body Cream, Advanced Brightening Body Cream and more!

Don’t just take our word for it…


Any thoughts or tips of your own? Just hit reply, we love hearing from our SR Beauties! Stay tuned for, “4 Things You Have To Do In Ghana.”

Bon Voyage…