Bright Skin Is In

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We love receiving testimonials from SR Beauties about their experience with Shea Radiance! Here’s one review from Jebbeh Marie on her 14 day journey towards brighter skin…

“Let me just start by saying Shea Radiance products are no joke! I love a good product whether for makeup, hair or skin; so I just could not wait to get my hands on a new regimen. Coming out of winter, my skin was bit dull, dry and in desperate need of some attention.

So as a solution I thought I should combine the Shea Radiance Black Soap Body Cleanser with the Advanced Brightening Body Cream.

14 Days to brighter skin chemical free

How to brighten your skin the natural wayI was a little unsure of what the results were really going to be after using these products, so I wanted to target my use in order to see. For 14 days straight when I showered I cleansed my body with the Black Soap Body Cleanser using a bath sponge and washed my face with my hands using the same cleanser. For 3 days out of each week I used a facial scrub to exfoliate any dry skin on my face in combination with the cleanser. After my shower I towel dried and applied the Advanced Brightening Body Cream all over my body and my face. At the end of the 14 days the results were in, and they were AMAZING!!

How to get brighter skin chemical free and natural

I took a picture (the picture on the left) on day 1 of my trial, immediately after applying the cream and I did the same thing on day 14. The picture looked so different on day 14 then it did on day 1 that I thought something was wrong. I kept retaking it but after attempt # 6 of using the same lighting and camera I realized that nothing was different except for my skin. The process worked! Now I have bright more even toned skin and a regimen I love and can continue to use Thanks Shea Radiance.”

-SR Beauty, Jebbeh Marie

2 thoughts on “Bright Skin Is In

  1. When you say something is advanced brightening. : I hope it doesn’t bleach. I am black and I just need my face and skin to glow. Is this for me.

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