Celebrating New Partnerships -Shea Radiance and MOM’s Organic Market

I am excited to announce our retail partnership with MOM’s organic market. Our premium Shea Butter Tubs are now carried in MOM’s chain of organic stores in Maryland, DC, VA, NJ and PA. This is significant because this is an account I pursued for over a year.


Mom’s Organic is an unconventional natural and organic grocery store, started by Scott Nash out of his mother’s garage right here in my backyard in Maryland. Scott’s mission was to create a retail chain that protects and restores the environment.

It got me to thinking about how I, and I think many of us who are passionate about changing the world, feel like misfits- that we aren’t in the mainstream

– Scott Nash

His values are reflected in the way they source products for their 17 and growing stores in the NE region. They are committed to organic farming and produce and rarely consider products that are not organically certified.

I knew we would be  good fit for MOM’s because their concerns went beyond organic certification  to issues like sustainability, social justice, economic empowerment and business that does good in the world. My goal was to make that connection to show that there was an alignment of values.

That opportunity came on a warm November night in 2015 when I reached out to Ted Majors the incredible Wellness Coordinator for MOM’s from my hostel in Damongo, Northern Ghana. I told him I was in Ghana working on a health and safety project that would help to keep women shea nut pickers safe as they went about gathering nuts to process into butter. I explained the one of the outcomes of the project was to help protect women’s economic ability by keeping them safe and free from work related injuries.SheaProducersDamango

I explained to Ted that having access to market was one of the ways women are economically empowered and Shea Radiance is one of the channels giving them access.  By making our shea butter products available to MOM’s customers they would be partnering with us to provide economic access to women in Northern Ghana, Nigeria and potentially 16 million women who process shea butter for a living. I also included a photos of the women at the Naasakle factory in Damongo where our some of our butter is produced.

Ted responded to my email and we were able to set up a meeting and the rest as they say is history. We are so proud to be part of the MOM’s family, not just because we are customers and part of the local community, but because we admire the mission and values of this store.

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