Beauty tips for glowing skin all summer long

Hydrate, Moisturize, Protect, Repeat 4th of July Sale.png

Summer marks the time for outdoor living, long weekends at the beach, walks in the park and lots of exposure to the summer sun. Prolonged exposure to UV rays of the sun can leave skin damaged and depleted during the course of the summer months. Sun exposure can increase skin problems including dryness, flaking, sun burn, hyper pigmentation and premature aging.  Sun spots and wrinkles especially around the eyes also increase. Even with application of sunscreen of SPF of 30 or more, damage can occur.

Here are a few tips to keep skin looking and feeling smooth, moisturized this summer

  • Hydrate – Beautiful skin begins on the inside. Drinking lots of water and minimizing caffeine and sugar helps flush out toxins and promotes clear and hydrated skin
  • Moisturize – For some, summer can exacerbate oily skin while for others increased sun exposure can dry skin. Light water based moisturizers containing antioxidant vitamins will hydrate and nourish skin.
  • Shea butter is not just a great moisturizer, it contains natural sterols that soothe inflammation and accelerates healing from sun burn. Shea butter also contains 5% sunscreen which provides additional layer of sun protection
  • Protect –Sunscreen of SPF 30 used in the right amount and frequency. A nickel size applied to face and approximately 30mls on the body. Sunscreen can breakdown or be watered down by sweat and water and needs to be reapplied as often as needed.

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