About Us

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 12.59.09 PMWhen a woman feels beautiful and comfortable in her own skin, it allows her to focus on changing her world. I’ve always purposed to create products that make women feel beautiful, nurtured and powerful. I wouldn’t consider myself a high maintenance woman, but I have found that I am uncompromising about my health, eating well and a maintaining a basic but effective skin care routine. I’ve found that when I care for myself I am a better wife, mother, mentor, friend, CEO and creative; from talking to other women I’ve learned this is true for most of them. My goal is to connect with that woman, make her my friend and share products that will make her look and feel great!

I believe that women care about other women. I care about the women I have worked with over the years in rural West Africa. Their basic needs and desires are universal; they want to be able to provide for their children and create a better future for their families. Women Shea Producers, understand that if they can educate their children, keep them fed and nourished then, their children can have better lives than they did. I can relate with these women and I know most other women can too. 

I warmly welcome you to our beauty blog and #SRBeauty community! May every post inspire you to feel beautiful & powerful. –Funlayo Alabi, CEO & Co-founder of Shea Radiance

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