When Clarity of Purpose Emerges from Struggle

2016 was a watershed year for us at Shea Radiance. We gained more clarity about who we are and why we exist. All our activities and struggles over the past years make sense as we move into the new year. Shea Radiance exists for one very simple reason: To influence the way women care for themselves, and for each other. During the past nine years … Continue reading When Clarity of Purpose Emerges from Struggle

Mother Always Knows Best…

I have an amazing mother whose philosophy on life continues to have a tremendous impact on me. My mother was born a very sickly child and was not expected to survive infancy, but she did and continues to thrive. Her outlook on life is shaped by her faith and strong belief that she survived for a purpose. This Mother’s Day, I remember with gratitude some of the lessons my mother taught me and how they are helping me today. Continue reading Mother Always Knows Best…

Would you Eat Like A Caveman? Going Paleo

The Paleo Diet is based on eating the way caveman did before the days of agriculture. While I had no interest in living like a caveman, the idea of eating a simple diet very similar to what my grandparents ate, completely intrigued me!

Continue reading “Would you Eat Like A Caveman? Going Paleo”