Mother Always Knows Best…

I have an amazing mother whose philosophy on life continues to have a tremendous impact on me. My mother was born a very sickly child and was not expected to survive infancy, but she did and continues to thrive. Her outlook on life is shaped by her faith and strong belief that she survived for a purpose. This Mother’s Day, I remember with gratitude some of the lessons my mother taught me and how they are helping me today. Continue reading Mother Always Knows Best…

5 Moisture Boosting Hacks For Dry Winter Skin

In addition to leaving us knee deep in snow, one the East Cost, Snowzilla left us with callused hands, chapped lips and dry itchy skin. These five easy hacks will get your hands, lips and skin feeling soft, supple and nourished through the winter months.


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20 Beauty Resolutions for 2016

We’ve officially entered the season of the  BIG R bka, resolutions. For this year, let’s commit to setting goals that are actually enjoyable and attainable; like feeling more beautiful than ever before. You can start by  picking one, two or most of these resolutions for a more beautiful you in 2016!


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The Power of Vitamin C For a More Radiant Complexion

I don’t know why it took me so long to discover the power of Vitamin C, but now that the secret is out, I can’t say enough about this amazing natural ingredient. If you ever struggle with dull or blemish-prone skin, you should add vitamin C to your skin & body care regimen!

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This Beauty Bar is Your Secret Against Acne

I get asked many questions about the origins and uses of black soap. I love sharing the fascinating information I have gathered both from my experience using it as a child growing up in Nigeria and from my research as I travel to various production sites in Ghana. It’s amazing how women have used simple and locally available material to create soaps that are truly effective in clearing and brightening the skin. I hope you enjoy this post and feel free to send us your thoughts and questions about black soap.

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